Get Paid Cash For Sharing Your Opinion.

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Get Paid Cash For Sharing Your Opinion.

Earn Haus makes it simple to earn real money online taking surveys.

Share your honest opinion and get paid in cash – no points, tokens, or pretend bucks.

Easy Online Surveys (Get Paid Cash For Sharing Your Opinion)

Hundreds of ways to earn daily.

Earn Cash, Not Points (Get Paid Cash For Sharing Your Opinion)

No points, tokens or pretend bucks.

Fast Digital Payments

Choose from 4 different payment options.

Works On Any Device

Opportunities available for all devices.

Here’s How It Works:

① Complete Simple Online Surveys

Businesses and researchers are always in need of your opinion to help them make decisions and understand how people feel about their products and services.

  • Dozens of survey topics available.
  • No payment required on your part, just your honest opinion.
  • Hundreds of surveys available for any device.

② Receive Your Payment

When you’re ready to redeem your earnings, payment is a snap!



Gift Card

Bank Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Earn Haus?

Earn Haus is the easiest way to get paid in cash for sharing your opinion. You’ll create a free account, tell us how you’d like to receive payment, and be given access to opportunities to earn money taking paid online surveys. Once you’ve earned enough to cash out, we’ll send you payment as quickly as possible. That’s it!

Is this real? Do you really pay people just for taking online surveys?

Yes! Paid online surveys are real, and we will connect you with them and pay you for your time completing them.

Does any of this cost money?

Earn Haus is completely free to sign up and participate in – we’ll never ask for payment. Market research surveys are completely free: all that is required of you is your careful attention when answering the questions, your honest opinion, and the time it takes for you to answer the questions. You may also be offered the opportunity to participate in product evaluation surveys, which may incur a fee which will be disclosed up front. These opportunities are clearly marked and optional to participate in.

Where do these paid surveys come from?

Market Research companies sponsor these surveys to help businesses better understand their customers and what they think. The answers you’ll provide in these surveys provide valuable insights that are instrumental to all types of organizations, including political candidates, newspapers, private companies, and new startups, to name a few – and they’re willing to pay for them.

Which payment methods are available?

Currently we offer digital payment using Venmo, PayPal, and ACH Bank transfer. You can also choose from over 100 Digital Gift cards.

How much money can I earn?

The more time you spend taking surveys, the more you can earn. Paid online surveys can earn you enough to put some extra spending money in your pocket. It won’t replace a full-time job, but for most people who choose to participate, it’s enough to pay for your dinner or a couple of movie tickets.

What about taxes?

If you earn more than $600 in a given calendar year, we’re legally required to supply you with a 1099. If you approach this limit within a calendar year, we’ll be in touch to collect the information we’ll need to supply you with the necessary paperwork. Or, you can choose to hold off until the next calendar year to keep participating. Top

Why do I have to verify my identity?

Each person should have only one Earn Haus account, so we require that all users verify their identity to limit the number of accounts each person has, ideally to just one. If you create more than one account, we’ll close the duplicate account and any rewards you’ve earned will be forfeited as outlined in the Terms of Use. We don’t enjoy having to do this, so please just create one account.

Can I use an email address to sign up?

Every account must have a valid mobile phone number associated with it, but you’re welcome to provide us with an email address to make signing in easier, and so we can communicate with you that way instead of by SMS.
TopAre you going to send me a lot of spam and text messages?No, we do not send any spam or unsolicited messages. If you’ve provided us with an email address, we’ll send email notifying when new earning opportunities become available. You can manage your communication preferences from your account.

Will I get any text messages?

When you create your account or sign in using your phone number, we’ll send you a one-time code you’ll need to type in to confirm you have access to the phone number you have created (standard message rates apply). You can provide an email address, or link your account with a Google account, to make signing in easier, which doesn’t require us to send a text message.

What information do I need to provide to open an account?

We require an email address or mobile phone number, first and last name, gender, mailing address, and your date of birth.
TopCan I change my payment method after I’ve picked one?If you’ve made a mistake with your payment method or need to change it, you can change it yourself on your Account page, or contact for assistance, and we’ll help you get it straightened out.

Why can’t I use Venmo with the phone number I provided?

Venmo requires a valid mobile phone number to create an account, and they do not allow VOIP (Voice Over IP) services like Google Voice. Payment sent using Venmo to these numbers won’t go through because of this limitation, so we only make it available for phone numbers that will be able to successfully create a Venmo account. If you believe we’ve mistakenly categorized your phone number as ineligible for Venmo, email, and we may be able to help you out.

Can I just give you the email address for my PayPal account?

No. We’ve integrated “Login With PayPal” for connecting your PayPal account to Earn Haus. It’s completely safe and secure, and minimizes the chance that payments will go to the wrong account or be sent back.
TopDo I have to finish each survey I am sent to?No. If you don’t like the questions you’re being asked, just close the window and try a new one.



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